Today on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Kristine Leahy went after LaVar Ball for comments he made towards her that were meant to disrespect her role as a woman in media. 

"Stay in Your Lane."

The comment was made to her with his back turned, in a manner that didn't allow her to even make eye contact with him. He goes on to add quips about being scared of her, her looking like a movie character, and retaliate for a comment she made months ago.

Below is the audio from the Kristine and LaVar portions of the argument, this is part one:

Kristine also stood up for her friend Jason Whitlock, who was the target of a LaVar Ball insult about weight. In this second audio portion, LaVar finds his back up against the wall and fires a shot around Kristine and directly at Jason Whitlock...

What did WHITLOCK do?!

Listen below for the full context of LaVar's comments on the weight of Jason Whitlock:

You can hear the full, unedited interview right here.

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